Welcome to WhichWayToday live trading room

Welcome to the live trading room we call WhichWayToday.

The name of the room came from the morning meetings that we attended as traders The head trader would ask each of the desks attending: so….. which way today guys and girls?

The name is more than just a catchy phrase from a time gone by. It also represents the ethos of the room, the ability to wipe the slate clean every morning and start afresh.

We attack each day as it comes. We are not “buy-and-hold” investors. We are not permanent “bears” or “bulls”. We are flexible in our approach and as such we aspire to live and breathe a vital component to successful trading: the ability to change our minds in the face of changing circumstances.

We use this approach to all the products we trade, be it forex or stock indices or commodities.
The room is blessed with 5 traders, who each have their own home grown trading style. You can read all about the traders under http://www.whichwaytoday.com/bio/

My name is Tom Hougaard. I started this room with my friend Dr David Paul. David is still around but he now focuses on the development of the stock selection software Vector Vest and only stands in when the crew needs a break. In his place I have my trusted partner in crime Lawrence, who acts not only as a trader in the room but as the consigliere of the establishment. Without him the room would have died a year ago.

The newest member of our room is “Dow Trader”, who I have known for more than 10 years. His ability to wait for the right setup is only rivaled by his ability to see the future through the charts.

Our guru in the room is a man with nearly 50 years of active trading experience. With more than 10 trading books to his name, I am honoured beyond words to count Larry Pesavento as a friend and also a trader in our community.

It is a community. We have clients/friends in the room who have been around since day 1. Of course people come and go, and come back again for their own personal reasons, but the steady performance of WhichWayToday makes this trading room a permanent feature of our many clients who are looking for a combination of trading calls and social interaction.

Whether you are dropping by for a free trial or you decide to make the room a permanent feature in your trading strategy, I want to extend you a warm welcome, and I hope your time with us is both profitable and enjoyable.

Kind regards
Tom Hougaard