Phil P, 2014

I’ve been following Tom and his fellow traders for the past year and would thoroughly recommend ‘the room’ to anyone who is serious about making consistent profits and receiving a remarkable amount of information and education on financial markets that one is able to incorporate into their trading style

Ed J, 2014

WWT gives traders a selection of techniques and instructors to study and follow according to your abilities.
Tom Hougaard runs the ship with skill and humour and there are plenty of opportunities to increase your knowledge and trading methods.

Jane M, 2014

I have been a member of the Which Way Today trading room for just over a year. My trading in that time has improved beyond belief, to a point where I am now in a position to realise my ambition of making a full time living from trading the markets. Whether you are a novice or experienced trader, day or swing trader, you will benefit from the excellent trading and education offered by all the traders in room. They even manage to entertain you along the way.
For me visiting the trading room every day, is like going to work. I miss the room when it is closed for the summer break. It is the best place I have ever worked!!

Peter F, 2014

If I had to say three sincere things about what Tom Hougaard’s live trading room delivers, it would be;

  1. Absolute integrity,
  2. Crucial education in trading discipline through risk and money management, and
  3. Rolling education, through live trades, in selected high probability trading strategies.

What we do with this inexpensive resource is entirely up to us.
Long may it continue to mentor successful trading outcomes.

Mark A, 2014

The WhichWayToday trading room is a madhouse of trading nutters. All are exceptionally talented, all have differing styles and all return attractive profits. Having been with the WWT trading room for nearly 5 years, I wouldn’t and couldn’t do without them. Day trading is an isolated business and the lads provide a positive and fun environment that is a real community. In recent months more highly experienced traders have joined the team and the results are getting better and better. Highly recommended

Christine, June 2014

I love the WhichWayToday trading room. Headed by Tom Houggard its traders have very different but BIG personalities. This makes for an interesting room with very diverse trading styles. During the UK and US trading hours they educate and call their trades on various instruments with both stops and targets very clearly defined – just brilliant!

Kevin M, 2014

WhichwayToday provides a unique trading environment in the company of hugely experienced traders that are dedicated to their craft and willing to share their on going live trade executions and exit. There educational values combined with the money management essentials that allow novice as well as experienced traders to flourish are in my opinion rare and unique. The trading rooms activity is measured precisely each day against a ‘model fund portfolio’ where the lead traders’ winning and losing trades are summarised and published daily for all to see. This transparency of trading is a hallmark of the ethic’s of WhichWayToday.