Meet the Crew

Lawrence Mills:

Lawrence an ex HSBC trader is the master of the room and the trader who holds it all together. His focus is on FX scalping and fundamental trading throughout the day. He also provides news and analysis of the markets.

Larry Pesavento:

Larry is the living legend of the whichwaytoday live trading room. He has traded for 48 years, written 11 books about trading, and held countless jobs as a trader all over the world. He is considered THE authority on trading with geometry. Larry is an incredibly diverse trader, and his daily “15min with Larry” (click here for example) is worth the price alone for the room. Larry posts his trades throughout the day (see TYPICAL DAY in Room)

Carol Harmer:

Carol is one of the most respected and established TA/Traders in the UK having had a 30 year career in the industry having worked at Midland, Credit Suisse and Nomura to name but a few. She now trades for herself, teaches TA and has her established website Carol will trade FX/SPX/GOLD for WWT as well as bring her wealth of knowledge.

David Paul:

Every organisation must have a genius. David Paul is the in-house genius, with a PhD in maths and Masters in Metals. Before setting out for himself as a trader, he worked for De Beers. He is the original co-founder of WhichWayToday, who has taken a step back to run the American stock selection program Vector Vest. David steps in when other traders are on holiday.

Tom Hougaard:

The trading wizard Tom Hougaard joins the room about once or twice a month to trade live and educate. You can read his blog material on (Danish) or (English). Tom runs courses on the techniques he uses in the live trading room. He can be contacted here